Author: Brad Egeland

Brad Egeland is a Business Solution Designer and IT/PM consultant and author with over 25 years of software development, management, and project management experience leading initiatives in Manufacturing, Government Contracting, Creative Design, Gaming and Hospitality, Retail Operations, Aviation and Airline, Pharmaceutical, Start-ups, Healthcare, Higher Education, Non-profit, High-Tech, Engineering and general IT. Brad is married, a father of 10, and living in sunny Las Vegas, NV. Visit Brad's site at

To Certify or Not to Certify – Still a Burning Project Management Question

project management certification
Project management certification. Is it helpful? Does it get you jobs? Does it increase your project management skills? Does it add value to you as a project manager? Does it add value to the organisation you work for? it worth it? Should hiring organisations require it? Should hiring managers demand it? These are all … Continue reading "To Certify or Not to Certify – Still a Burning Project Management Question"

A Project Full of Regrets

project failures
Ever had a project that just didn’t go well? Of course you have… you may not have realised how bad it was…you still may not realise it…but we’ve all had one or two. For me, it was one that spiralled down the drain due to error-prone deliverables going out to the customer, a staff that was … Continue reading "A Project Full of Regrets"

5 Things That You Need to Stop Doing as a Project Manager

project manager
Newsflash...there are some things we are doing as project managers that are wrong. Just wrong. They seem logical. Everyone does these things, right? We are expected to do these things...accommodate nice with management. Think again. Project success depends heavily on your customer's perception of the project and outcome. Always keep that in mind...and read … Continue reading "5 Things That You Need to Stop Doing as a Project Manager"

4 Secrets to the Best Project Plan Possible

project schedule
Statement of work.  Project budget.  Project resource plan.  Project charter.  Project communication plan.  Project schedule.  Project test plan.  Project implementation plan.  Technical project documents like the functional design document and technical design document.  All of these are put in place just to make the project manager’s life very complicated.  That isn’t true, of course, but … Continue reading "4 Secrets to the Best Project Plan Possible"

Can anything be a project?

Probably.  Is it a good idea?  That depends.  Project management best practices, when applied to various efforts, usually help produce positive outcomes – sometimes making drastic differences on many engagements.  But is everything a project and can everything fit the definition of being a project?  Still not sure?  When I first became a project manager, … Continue reading "Can anything be a project?"