Manage your project portfolio better & with more insight than ever before

PPO is a simple, easy-to-use online project management system

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Streamline communication within your organisation

Using PPO allows project teams and stakeholders greater visibility of the status of work, projects, programs and portfolios.

PPO creates a collaborative environment for teams to work, plan and complete projects together and provides the required communication and alerts to keep teams informed. The result? Project teams that work smarter and faster.

Work smarter, manage risks & deliver on-time

PPO allows tasks, deliverables and milestones to be allocated to resources, creating accountability and visibility. Be it a simple or multi-team, complex project PPO gives you the tools to quickly adapt to stay on track.

Customizable reports and dashboards allows the targeting of specific parameters to give insight into your project. You’ll have a deeper understanding of how your projects function, and with historic logs you’ll be able to run your next project even better.

Flexibility to adapt to you…

Easy to use, enterprise capable

PPO can be used by project teams of all sizes, in all industries and of differing maturities thanks to its flexibility.

Define your methodology

Methodology independent, customize various project life cycles and templates to be displayed to the entire project team.

Tailored to your environment

Pre-configured solutions reduces the setup time to align to different project environments.

Faster project office administration, compliance and governance

Drowning in paperwork? Not anymore. PPO’s workflow allows project audits to be performed on more projects, with greater frequency and reduced time and effort.

Detailed audit logs record every click in PPO and with full document and knowledge storing functionality. Audits are quick and accurate to execute.

Award winning online project portfolio management system trusted by leading businesses

Advanced features, commitment to innovation and legendary support makes PPO the PPM tool of choice for your business