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Why PPO Health Indicator RAGs are not Automated

The RAG acronym stands for RED, AMBER, GREEN. These colours make up the traffic light colours used by most project managers to convey their subjective view of a project’s status. A RED traffic light normally indicates there are problems on the project (or an aspect of it); AMBER indicates there are issues that are being dealt with by the team but acts as a warning, and GREEN generally indicates that everything is okay.

Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?

resource allocation
Every day at Project Portfolio Office (PPO) we have the pleasure of working with organisations that use a variety of methodologies and tools, and that cover almost all industries and sectors. The one common factor amongst all of these organisations is that they have committed to moving their businesses forward by embracing project management. Some … Continue reading "Is there really a way to address resource allocation, planning & utilisation?"

Auto Clear – The Pros and Cons

You have probably noticed that whenever you update items such as Health Indicators, Comments Risks and Issues in PPO, the “Action / Response” is cleared of the previous comments in that field. This can be frustrating to a user who maybe just forgot to update another field like the Risk Owner or Follow-up date when previously editing. This auto clear function is a setting that can be changed, but before making this change, the pros and cons of doing so should be weighed.

The Value of Project Prioritisation


It is good practice for organisations to regularly think strategically about where they want to be, what they want the organisation to look like, and how they need to go about getting there. Traditionally, this process happened on an annual basis and was largely integrated with the annual financial planning process.

Drawing the line

As the management framework within which project decisions are made, project governance differs vastly from corporate governance, and unlike the King III legislation that presides over South African businesses, it needs to be fit for purpose per project and organisation. It is widely accepted that project governance is fundamental to ensuring project success and control. … Continue reading "Drawing the line"

Shaping the “innovation funnel”

According to Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision Technology , many businesses struggle with being able to encourage free thinking and idea generation while at the same time ensuring the execution of these new ideas is completed with the necessary governance. “Most businesses have some form of ‘innovation funnel’,” he explains. “The funnel should be … Continue reading "Shaping the “innovation funnel”"