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Increase the Perceived Benefits of Project Management Methodologies

project management methodologies
A PMI survey conducted a few years back supported the premise that companies which have instituted consistent project management practices enjoy a higher project success rate than those which have not. PMI’s March 2012 Pulse of the Profession publication stated that in organizations which used standardized project management practices, 71% of projects met their original … Continue reading "Increase the Perceived Benefits of Project Management Methodologies"

How to avoid death by process

Most of us relish the idea of “death by chocolate”. What a wonderful way to go! But when it comes to being smothered by something, professionals in the project space more often than not feel stifled by processes…not nearly as delightful as chocolate. So, why do we often feel that our processes and methodologies are … Continue reading "How to avoid death by process"

Three steps to credible, quality portfolio and project status reporting

One of the single biggest benefits of implementing a Project Portfolio Management (PPM) application, is the software’s ability to publish real time status reports. Yet, to achieve credible and quality reporting is a challenge and, typically, some PPM implementations fall short of ever achieving this. Guy Jelley, CEO at Project Portfolio Office, explains that one … Continue reading "Three steps to credible, quality portfolio and project status reporting"

User adoption key to PPM software success

User adoption of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software is essential to achieving the application’s main aim of delivering projects to support the organisation’s business objectives. The uptake of the tool thus has a direct impact on the project office’s successful execution of corporate strategy. “Today’s decision-makers are demanding a return on investment on their expenditure. … Continue reading "User adoption key to PPM software success"