PPO adds Wistia as an alternative video hosting platform

In some companies the corporate powers that be have decided that watching YouTube videos during business hours is not work. Subsequently access to YouTube is blocked which means that not all of our users are able to watch the awesome PPO self-help videos that we have available on YouTube.

If you are one of these users, we have great news which will hopefully put your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to rest. We are excited to announce that all PPO self-help videos are now also available on an alternative platform, one which is not generally blocked by corporates. The same videos and structure that can be found on our YouTube channel, is now also available via Wistia.

You can access the PPO Wistia platform by going to www.go2ppo.com/wistia or by following the link provided on our support portal. So just to clarify, Wistia is not replacing our existing YouTube channel. We still love YouTube as it works well for the majority of our users. We hope that Wistia will help address your FOMO, and that you will benefit from being able to access all the great videos available.

PPO wishes you Happy Watching!

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Author: Mia Roux

Mia’s main passion is training and equipping PPO users with knowledge about the product and how to use it. When she’s not training and assisting the PPO community, she is making product videos about PPO.

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